January 2010

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GenerationOne Blog - January 2010

Indigenous timeline 1970 - present: Australian Museum

Indigenous Australia Timeline - 1970 to present A timeline of significant events relating to Indigenous Australians from 1970 until the present day. 1970 Aboriginal trustees of the Lake Tyer and Framlingham reserves in Victoria are granted individual land title, not communal title as most preferred as this would prevent sections being sold off, as they later were.  The Gibb Inquiry looks into the situation of Aboriginal people on pastoral properties in the Northern Territory. The government is slow to create living areas or excisions in pastoral properties. Some people from Maningrida in the Northern Territory, left and went back to a preferred way of life on their home estates. These estates were called 'outstations' and later 'homeland centres'. By 1972 many peop... More...

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