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About GenerationOne

GenerationOne's mission is to end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in one generation through employment.

On 19 March 2010 former Prime Minister Hon Kevin Rudd MP launched GenerationOne, the most significant step ever taken to involve the entire Australian community in our shared commitment to Closing the Gap. GenerationOne now has over 292,000 supporters and is continuing to build the essential community support for sustainable employment. 

We believe we can end the disparity through real opportunities in education, training, mentoring and employment:

Education – that prepares for life

Training – that is specific for a guaranteed job

Mentoring – that gets results

Employment – that lasts


GenerationOne is a national movement for all Australians, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. 

GenerationOne asks every day Australians to join this movement by becoming a supporter. By joining GenerationOne, you believe we can end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through employment, and you are willing to play your role. By joining together in one national movement, we can be the last generation to experience the disparity. 

As an employer, you can join GenerationOne through the Australian Empoyment Covenant intitiave. 

We motivate all Australians to play their part, by taking action in their sphere of influence. 


Through our campaigns, we aim to break down stereotypes and negative opinions by promoting stories of success and opportunity. GenerationOne collaborates and promotes other organisations that are doing good work in the fields of education and employment.

GenerationOne’s flagship initiative is the Australian Employment Covenant. The Covenant aimed to build the demand for an Indigenous workforce by securing 50,000 sustainable jobs for Indigenous Australians, to break the vicious cycle of unemployment and poverty among Indigenous Australians. To date, the Covenant has secured 62,000 employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians from 308 employers, and over 19,000 of these jobs have already been filled.

GenerationOne has advocated strongly for Government policies that will enable demand-driven training models to become the rule and not the exception.

In 2014, the Australian Government committed up to $45 million to deliver Vocational, Training & Employment Centres (VTECs) for up to 5000 jobs, based on the GenerationOne employment model.

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